Van Ness Avenue Next On List For Traffic Tie-Ups In S.F.

The construction boom has made it impossible to drive or even walk in downtown San Francisco — and heads up, the boom is spreading.

Next on the list for shutdowns: Van Ness Avenue.

My sources at City Hall tell me plans are in the works to build an underground walkway at Van Ness and Geary for Sutter Health's new hospital on the site of the old Cathedral Hill Hotel.

The tunnel will go under Van Ness and connect the 274-bed hospital to a medical office building that will go in across the street.

Plans call for three separate full shutdowns of the intersection, each lasting three days, plus another four months of partial shutdowns.

They keep moving the dates for the big dig, but it’s coming, most likely early next year.

Meanwhile, I was at Union Square the other day, or should I say what is left of Union Square.

Construction on the Central Subway has shut down the main shopping core of Stockton Street, and Geary is down to one lane as well.

No wonder the merchants are hurting.

Workers tell me they’re at it around the clock, trying to get the digging for the new subway station done by Thanksgiving.

I asked, you mean the whole job?

One guy said no, “but enough so that we can cover it over for the Christmas shopping season.”

“So Stockton Street is going to be back open?”

“Open, but not for traffic. They’re going to make it a 'winter walkway.’”

Author: Willie L. Brown, Jr.

Link: http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Van-Ness-Avenue-next-on-list-for-traffic-tie-ups-5801234.php