The Marquee Lofts

151 Alice B. Toklas Place


The Marquee Lofts at 1000 Van Ness are situated several blocks north of City Hall and the San Francisco Opera House. The project consists of 53 residential lofts located on the 4th through 8th floors of the building, with a wide range of loft sizes and layouts. There is a private residential entrance lobby and two private residential elevators that also go up to a private roof- deck terrace.

This historic, landmark building was completed in 1921 and was built for Don Lee's Cadillac Dealership. The architecture, a combination of decorative motifs and traditional building materials, was considered a symbol of the emerging commercial style in the 1920's and signified the beginning of America's automobile revolution.

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151 Alice B. Toklas Place
San Francisco, CA 94109