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The Luxury List: Nob Hill Spa

Nob Hill, previously referred to as California Hill in the 1850s is one of the most prominent higher-end neighborhoods in San Francisco. It was renamed after the Big Four businessmen known as “the Nobs” who built the California Pacific Railroads constructed mansions there. Currently, Nob Hill is affectionately dubbed “Snob Hill”. Check MLS and you’ll see what I mean.

At the very top of Nob Hill is the Huntington Hotel, home to the renowned Nob Hill Spa. The spa has made top lists and received an abundance of awards for being one of the Top Luxury Spas not only in the Bay Area but around the World. The price list is not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot more than the $60/hr massage common in downtown SF. Looking for spa deals or use Groupon? Forget about it. NHS provides and accommodates neither. You won’t find a ton of advertisements. The place doesn’t need it. This business is a prime example of keeping elite luxury…well, luxuriously elite.

The Nob Hill Spa entrance is separate from the Huntington Hotel’s although both are in California St. Walking through the marble aisle, I passed the Gift Shop and a treatment room called Serenity where a couple in plush robes were waiting for their next service. They were both holding champagne flutes looking relaxed and pleased. Hey, if I was spending my Friday afternoon the same way, I’d probably have a really big smile on my face too. Another thing to note is how I’ve only been here for less than 5 minutes and I’ve been offered drinks and asked if I needed any assistance 4 times by 4 different people. Now I’m starting to realize that this spa is popular for a reason. It was immaculately spotless, emanated a crisp fresh scent and offered amazing treatments, yes. But it’s the employees and their genuine readiness to make you feel like a VIP is really what sets this spa apart.

I caught up with Ms Ania Mankowska-Allard, the Spa Director for a couple of questions. Here’s the interview:

DCC: Tell us a little bit about the spa.

AM-A: We have been around for 14 years. Since then we’ve been known as one of the Top Luxury Spa destinations. Booking a treatment here is almost like a mini holiday “staycation” in a way where our guests have a full day access to the spa amenities. We provide treatments with results that are updated every few months. The spa itself was designed after Eastern Philosophy. We incorporated Feng Shui in the construction to give our clients a truly revitalizing experience. Our indoor infinity pool have some 24 carat gold tiles installed. Guests can wade and see ripples of water imitating that of an outdoor natural water experience through light reflections.

DCC: Nob Hill Spa has won a ton of awards for luxury spa experience. What sets it apart?

AM-A: The experience and the atmosphere we provide, for one. Our employees go through extensive training not only in treatments but also in the degree of customer service we want to provide. We believe that great service stem from having a great team who love what they do and their workplace. From our receptionist to our attendants, they all enjoy being here and most of them book treatments in the spa on their spare time. Our attention to detail helps us really individualize our service and give the best results customized for each individual client.

DCC: Would you say that having the spa in Nob Hill was a strategic move?

AM-A: Definitely. Nob Hill is such an amazing location especially at the top with its expansive city views. A great residential neighborhood and tourist spot. We have a park right across from us, the Grace Cathedral and the iconic Cable Cars going up and down the California St hill.

DCC: Tell us more about your demographic. Who can we find in the spa on a random Sunday?

AM-A: Our demographic has changed just like San Francisco has changed in the last 2 years. Because of the influx of tech industry professionals, we have younger clientele who has the means to enjoy a luxury spa experience. Fresh blood so to speak. On the other hand, we have our loyal clientele from around Nob Hill, Russian Hill and Pacific Heights- old money. We are very fortunate to have such a solid client base. Some of them go every single week. It’s really a nice mix of the affluent mature and younger patrons.

DCC: What’s your own personal views of the SF luxury market?

AM-A: It’s changed a lot in the past 2 years alone. And now it’s only gaining more momentum. There’s a ton of excitement over new buildings, new residential condos. Everyone’s doing a renovation. In this block, almost all hotels are under some sort of renovation to cater to the changing demographic. Even our own hotel is undergoing one that will be done in 3 weeks. Even with the difference in age and industry, there’s more people who appreciate luxury and are willing to spend more for it.

DCC: Do you have any favorites or recommended treatments?

AM-A: During spring and summer, I really like getting a Refreshing Facial. I love facials! We also have a Caviar Facial that uses caviar extract for hydration and anti-aging. It comes with a wonderful pressure point face massage and champagne. Pure bliss.

DCC: What can clients expect from Nob Hill Spa?

AM-A: One Client Philosophy. We treat each client like they’re the only one we have- providing them with a true VIP experience.

In conclusion, this is a spa experience to try at least once. Interested in learning more about buying and selling real estate in Nob Hill, please contact Durwin Cheung at (415) 855-3388.

Want to learn more about treatments and bookings? The info is below.

Address: 1075 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Phone: (415) 345-2888

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